Alamo Rent-A-Car!

Monday, October 09, 2017

With self-drive vacations on the rise, it is rime to visit USA on wheels! Alamo Rent-A-Car lets you experience the heart of the USA!

Nowadays, self-drive holidays are increasingly becoming popular among Southeast Asian travelers with Millennials driving this trend. Along with the boom in mobile technology, young adults are opting for free, independent travels to discover new experiences, making their trips as adventurous and inspiring as possible. A self-drive holiday fits nicely into Millennials’ vacation plan, all thanks to the freedom and flexibility it offers, allowing them to do what they want and to try different things at their own pace and time!

Alamo Rent-A-Car: A hassle-free experience for your U.S. road trip

A brand owned by Enterprise Holdings Inc., North America’s largest car rental company, serves international travelers looking for an easy and hassle-free rental experience. Travelers are free to select a vehicle of their choice from a young fleet of over 1 million cars, depending on their travel needs and preferences; from the Toyota Prius and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid to the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Impala. And with 6,045 distribution points in the USA, travelers can select their preferred vehicle pick-up location point and return it to another. How convenient! Oh! One-way car rental services are also available. Pick-up your vehicle here, and drive it over to point 2 without having to worry about returning the vehicle to where you first picked it up!

To help travelers navigate their way around the USA, Travel Tab Adventurer, an enhanced GPS navigation device by Travel Tab, is offered to make the driving experience smoother. Travel Tab Adventurer is pre-loaded with messaging, video-streaming and self-help apps to ensure that holidaymakers can guide themselves around any part of the USA, encouraging free-and-easy exploration at their own leisure.

Where can you book:
Alamo Rent-A-Car is a new entrant in Singapore and Malaysia’s travel scene. The service is now available at over 30 travel retailers and OTAs, including Chan Brothers Travel, Diamond Tours and Travels, Eurotours & Travel, Farmosa Holiday Tour, Fascinating Holidays, Fortune Travel, Majestic Travel, Sky Centre Air-Travel, Stamford Travel, Travelatte, Giamso International Tours, Vacation Planners, Z.G. Nan Fang Holidays, Harpers Travel, Sedunia Travel, Zenxin Travel, Diners World Travel, ASA Holidays, EU Holidays, CTC Travel, SA Tours, Palm Travel, Asiatravel, Continent Five Travels, Euro-Asia Holidays, Citystate Travel, Holiday Tours & Travel, Ik Chin Travel Service, Kent Holidays, VC Travel, Quotient TravelPlanner and WTS Travel and Tours.

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